How to Catch a Possum

How to Catch a Possum

Here’s how to catch a possum

Possum can be very annoying creatures that never seem to let up. They always seem to be running around your backyards looking for ways to get into your own or to get under your deck.

However you don’t need to worry anymore because today we are going to discuss how to catch possums for good. They will no longer be bothering you or running around the backyard of your house or trying to get on your roof.

Set up a holding cage to catch the possum

One of the best ways to catch possum is to use a live holding cage. You can look at some locations in your area for these cages or you can look online on sites such as Amazon or eBay. Once you have your cage you’re ready to begin.

You’re going to want to use some of the foods opossums enjoyed the most in order to bait them into the cage.

Bait the possum with one of their favorite foods

Use canned cat food. Canned cat food is easily one of opossums favorite foods. They will do anything for. And it will attract them very quickly

Put some fish on a plate. Possums are also known to love fish very much. Grab some tuna or some sardines from a can input a little bit on a plate. The best location to put the fish is get a be married back that you have. This will surely attract them.

Use some apples or some other form of fruit. Possums also love fruits and apples very much. Almost everybody has apples on hand so this is a very full day to use.

Wrapping up

okay so let’s wrap up this post.

We have discussed some of the best ways to catch opossum or two bated with some other favorite foods. The safest way to catch opossum is probably to use alive holding cage.

Once you have your cage you want to bait the possum with one of their favorite foods.

Photo By: Jessie Hirsch

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