A Few Simple Tips For Getting and Using Possum Bait

A Few Simple Tips For Getting and Using Possum Bait

Use canned cat food

One of the best things you possibly use for baiting possums is canned cat food.

Possums absolutely loved canned cat food. It will attract them very quickly.

Put some fish on a plate

Another through the possums love very much his fish.

Put a little bit of fish, plate and possums will come of the woodwork for that. They love the smell of it and the taste of it and it makes them look for.

Use some apples or some other form of fruit

Possums also love fruit very much. Put a small amount of fruit in a bowl or a plate and they will do anything to get it.


We have discussed some very simple ways to bait possums.

there are many other foods opossums enjoy. We have only covered their favorite foods.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and using one of these foods will help you to bait a possum.

If you can think of any other foods that a possum enjoys leave them in the comments below.

Photo By: Clyde Robinson

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