Wondering What Do Possums Eat? Here’s What They Eat

Wondering What Do Possums Eat? Here’s What They Eat

Possums will eat almost anything

Possums are similar to goes and that they will eat almost anything and they are not picky at all. If they find some scraps lying around your yard there is a very good chance that they will eat them no matter what it is. However there are some foods that possums prefer over others which will be discussing down below.

Possums love cat food

One of the possums favorite foods is cat food. This is possibly their favorite food out of everything.

If you have a cat at your home then you want to make sure to be very careful where you put the cat food cans that. If you have an open garbage can they will smell the cat food in there in the can and will climb into the garbage can. They are very good climbers climbing into a garbage can is very simple for them to do.

Always try to make sure the garbage cans are closed at all times.

Carrion and rodents

Possums are also known to eat carrion and small rodents. They don’t like this is much as they like cat food but they still like it and not see it.

They like insects and plants that contain fruits and grains

Possums enjoy eating lots of insects. They also enjoy eating plants that contain fruits and grains.

Even more than these plants that contain fruits and grains possum love fruits. Anything such as apples bananas or strawberries are going to be something the possums love to eat very much.

Fruit is a sure way to attract opossum.

Possums like eating frogs

Another thing the possums like to eat that most people don’t know about is frogs. Possums will actually frogs which is kind of funny.


Now you know all of the foods possums enjoy.

Possums will eat just about anything however they do have preferences.

Possums love eating canned cat food.

Possums eat carrion and rodents.

Possums like to eat insects and plants they contain fruits and grains.

Possums also like to eat frogs.


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