Possum Facts That Most People Don’t Know

Possums Are Marsupials

Possums are marsupials. They are usually between 15 to 20 inches and length and they have thick tales.

What do possums eat?

Possums will just about anything but their diets most closely resemble that of herbivores and omnivores.

Some of the possum’s favorite foods include apples, fruits, fish and even canned cat food.

There are few foods that opossum likes more than fish and cat food.

What is possum referred to as?

A male possum is referred to as a jack and a female possum is referred to as a jill.

Possums do not dig holes

Unlike moles and groundhogs, possums do not dig holes.

If you see holes throughout your yard you may be thinking that it’s impossible but just remember they do not like to dig holes. It is much more likely that it will be a groundhog or another rodent that likes to date.

Possums are talented climbers

Something that most people don’t know about possum says is that they are very good climbers. They can climb just about anything that they can get a hold of.

It is because they have little calls they can dig in and clench down.

Possums cannot jump

Many people think that possums are jumping onto the roof off of tree branches or jumping over fences. However this is not the case. Possums cannot jump they can only climb.

Possums are nocturnal animals

Possums are much more active during the nighttime. You will rarely see them out during the day.

A lot of people think the possums are daytime animals but this is not the case. It is going to be much easier to spot them and nighttime.

It is rare for a possum to have rabies

A misconception that a lot of people have about possums is that they have rabies. It is actually extremely rare for a possibly have rabies.

It is very common for most wild animals to have rabies but not for possums. They are almost completely immune to it.

Possum litters are usually between 5 to 10 babies

Plus letters are usually pretty typical for a mammal. They usually only have about 5 to 10 babies at a time but they can have as many as 25.

So you definitely want to make sure that they are not mating in your yard. This could be a disaster because if you have 20 possums in your yard that’s obviously not a good thing.

The possums biggest predators

The biggest predators for possums are foxes, dogs and coyotes.

Possums do not hibernate

Possums do not hibernate but they do have a tough time surviving during the winter due to their thin fur.


Now that you know all these facts about possums you will be well equipped in dealing with possums.

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