How to Kill a Possum

How to Kill a Possum

What you must know before buying a kill trap

Some states do not allow the use of quick-kill traps for killing possums. Please contact your municipality to see if you are allowed to kill a possum in your yard before using this method.

Set a quick-kill trap in your yard

Once you’ve checked with the authorities and your municipality to see if you are okay to use the kill trap when catching possums, then you want to set it up in your yard.

Before setting it up in your yard is think about some areas’ would want to be at in your yard. The most likely spots that they were are going to be wanting to go is anywhere that there are holes near how such as dryer vents or small window openings. They will also be looking at going under decks.

Possums absolutely love going under decks.

How to dispose of the possum properly

Before disposing of opossum you want to make sure that it is in that area that you are allowed to be dropping a dead possum at. When you’re asking me officials in your area whether or not you can kill opossum asked him where it would be a great idea area for you to put them out.

If you have a large backyard or wooded area then it’s okay to drop the possum in the woods far behind your house.

You don’t want to drop a dead possum to close buying your house because of the odor issues and things like that.


okay so we have discussed how to kill opossum and we have also discussed how you should contact the authorities in your area to make sure that it is okay for you to use a kill trap on opossum before doing this.

Another thing when setting up your kill trap is you could use a little bit of bait food such as apples, Food for fish. These are the foods that possums enjoy the most.

We all just also discussed the importance of disposing of the possum properly. When a make sure that it is in any area that is okay with your authorities in your area.

So there you have it you now know everything that you need to know about using kill traps to kill a possum.
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