How to Keep Possums Away

How to Keep Possums Away

Sprinkle dog or cat fur around the outside of your home

Possums are very scared of cats and dogs.

If you do have a dog or a cat collects bits per inch begin sprinkling it outside of your own in areas refill like the possums are going to be. Some of these locations where possible want to be is if you have a deck or a dryer vent. They love going in these types of areas.

Use motion activated sprinklers

Using motion activated products is a great way to scare possums as well.

You could use anything from motion activated lights to motion activated sprinklers. The motion activated sprinklers are going to be a little bit better for you because possums will be very scared once they get sprayed with water.

If you have motion activated sprinklers already then this is one of the best ways to get rid of possums that I highly recommend. They will be scared and running in no time. You only can believe it.

Pour small amounts of ammonia in a bottle and place it where the possums might be at

Ammonia is another thing that possums are deterred by.

The strong odor that ammonia puts out is too strong for a possum to stand or handle. They will not want to be anywhere near that.


So we have now talked about some of the best ways to keep possums away from your own.

Sprinkle your dog or cat fur around suspected areas around your home. Sprinkle the fur anywhere you think the possum would be interested such as holes, vents or even underneath your deck.

Using motion activated lights and sprinklers is also an excellent way to keep possum away from your own. These are especially great because they will startle the possum and scare it so that it will keep running away from your home. They will be much less likely to return because of this.

We have also talked about the power of ammonia and how much it can scare possums. Ammonia has a strong odor that scares them very easily.
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