Everything You Need to Know About Possum Traps

Everything You Need to Know About Possum Traps

Set up a live-holding cage for the possum

Setting up a live holding cage for catching a possum is one of the best ways to catch opossum safely. This is probably the best way you can catch a possum since it is going to be alive still.

Some districts don’t like it when you kill opossum so this is definitely the safest way to do this.

Search online on sites such as Amazon.com or eBay for live holding cages. Once you find the life holding Cage you like the most then you will want to set it up in your backyard.

Put the trap where you think the possum will be

You’re going to want to put the trap where you think the possums will be. The areas that they like to hang out the most certain to be near decks and near dryer vents.

Also look out around your house for areas that might have small holes. Possums are very attracted to small holes because they will smell food weren’t see it as a way to get into your home.

You can also use kill traps

You can also use trip kill traps to catch possums. This is not recommended however a lot of people do like to use this method. You need to check with your district first before doing this. In some areas it is illegal and you could get into a lot of trouble if you’re caught doing this. I would recommend that you do not buy kill trap until you make sure that you have 100% clearing to do this.

Be extra careful when letting the possum go

You want to be very careful when you let’ go. They typically aren’t very dangerous as they look however you never know in you may get bit. You want to make sure that you are behind the cage when you open it.

Also I would recommend that you sprinkle some cat food or some fruit in front of the cage were you living for letting them out. They love these foods very much that this will keep them from focusing on you and they’ll be focused on the food in front of them.

Photo By: Ben Salter

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