How to Get Rid of Possums

Getting rid of possums can be an annoying task to say the least.

Possums are sneaky little nocturnal creatures that are great and finding ways to get into someones yard or house.

You won’t need to wonder how to get rid of possums anymore as we are going to discuss the best methods for preventing and getting rid of possums.

Make sure that any of your foundation vents are covered

Use slotted metal vent covers. Slotted metal vent covers will leave enough space for steam and air to go outside but they won’t leave enough space for possums to enter.

Also make sure to cover your dryer vents. Possums love to goes through dryer vents because they are such an easy way to access your house.

You only need to cover your dryer vents just enough so that air can get out. You don’t want to completely close it off so that air cannot escape. You want to close it just a little bit.

Don’t leave food out of containers

Food containers also cause a huge problem. Don’t leave open food containers laying around outside of your house. This is a sure way to attract possums and they will be all over your yard. Especially don’t leave fruits such as apples laying around outside. Possums absolutely love fruits.

Keep your tree branches trimmed short if they are near your house

Another thing to watch out for is trees that are right next to your house.Possums are extremely good climbers and are known to climb up in tree sitter next house is an in drop down from the tree onto the roof of the house.

Your tree branches should be at least 12 feet from your roof so that the possum can’t jump onto the roof.

Keep your deck blocked off with fencing or screening

If you have a deck make sure to keep it blocked off. Possums love going underneath decks, especially low decks.

Possums will go underneath your deck and sleep down there and go through all of your stuff.

Make sure that there are no openings or spaces around your house

Take a walk around your entire house and see if you can find any openings at all, anywhere around your house. It doesn’t even have to be a big opening possums are very sneaky and they can find a way to get and even if it’s not a very big opening.

Bait them with canned cat food

Another thing you can do to get rid of possums is to put out cat food in a small bowl in your yard. Possums love cat food. It is one of their favorite foods and they will do anything to get it.

Possums also love fruits, Apples and fish. If you have some tuna fish or some sardines you can place them on a plate in your yard and this will get the possums excited and they will try to get to it.


So we discussed how to make sure your house is blocked off from all angles so that possums cannot enter your house from anywhere.

We’ve also talked about keeping tree branches trimmed and not leaving any food outside that would attract possums.

We have also talked about how to get rid of possums by baiting them with foods that they like in case you want to trap them.